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REFLECT - A Strategical Approach Towards the Learning Process

Project number: 2020-RO01-KA205-079615

Intellectual Output 1


Intellectual Output 2


Intellectual Output 3


Main Goal

The general aim of the project is to support young people from poor educational backgrounds to develop reflective learning competences.

Project Objectives

The 3 project objectives are planned to
be achieved in a 2 year duration.

logo reflect 1 copy
  • Objective 1

    Raising the awareness of 20 youth workers from the consortium and 100 other youth workers across the EU regarding the use of reflective learning in the training process.

  • Objective 2

    Making the reflective learning competence operational through 4 IOs, together with the direct target groups – youth workers (100) and young people from poor educational
    backgrounds (1000).

  • Objective 3

    Designing and validating training tools (developed through 4 IOs) focusing on reflective learning which have a wide range of applicability.


Consortium Of Partners

CSYD is an organization that is actively involved in project development and implementation in the local, national and international non-formal education sphere, that directly aims at personal and professional youth development.

CSDT has the main goal of developing and implementing youth strategies under the form of projects that target youth personal and professional development through their active involvement in the educational process.

Center of Strategies for Youth Development


The consortium for this project consists of 5 partners from 5 countries.


The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a Greek organisation committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit. By recognizing
entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, they conduct research and are in position to provide innovative solutions that facilitate the growth
of healthy entrepreneurship and promote employment.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development


Associació Cultura Creativa is a cultural non-profit organization created in 2016 by the first EVS volunteers in Gandia, Spain. The organization cooperates closely with the NGO
Xeración Valencia and actively participates in the national network Xeración.

Their organization has participated and developed Erasmus + projects (youth exchanges and training courses), campaigns and meetings to promote the Erasmus + programme.

Associacio Cultura Creativa


Regional Volunteer Center was established in 1997 as a program of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy.

From 2005, RVC has been an independent association.

The main aim of our organization is to help the people to understand the idea of volunteering, educate youth about alternative ways of spending spare time and helping the others.



The Association Giosef - Youth Without Borders, was born in April 1998 to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility. It is engaged in the inclusion and participation of youth in all its forms and at all levels; It aims to create new spaces for youth participation in public life, so that young people themselves are able to provide answers to the needs of
new generations.

Associazione Giosef - Giovani Senza Frontiere


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If you have any questions, if you want to contribute to our project, if you have any partnership proposals or if you simply want tot tell us something, feel free to contact us at any time and we will reply to you as soon as possible.