About The Project

The project REFLECT is implemented in a consortium of 5 partners of Romania (leader), Greece, Poland, Italy and Spain.


Reflective learning is the solution for better performances in formal and non-formal education activities. Young people who are able to take control over the learning
experience are more likely to obtain better results.

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The Education and Training MONITOR of the EU 2019 signals out the following situation: the most effective practices that schools can promote include ‘promoting group work and critical thinking’, ‘creating a space for dialogue in the classroom on controversial issues to ENCOURAGE SELF-REFLECTION and mutual understanding’. The same study reveals the fact, that at least 34% of the schools in the EU cannot guarantee a learning experience that involves self-reflection and therefore the entire learning process suffers together with the interest of young people. Where formal education is not well equipped, non-formal education can offer solutions, and this is what this project tries to do. 

Main Activities

Creating Intellectual Outputs

All partners are involved in the process - we start working on IO1 on the second month of the project and we finish IO4 three months before the project.

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Training Courses

These training courses will be prepared by all 4 partners and will be organized by the leading partner at its premises in Romania.

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Multiplier Events

Will take place in Romania and Poland and will reunite participants from NGOs and also from other types of organizations/institutions (schools, HEIs, private companies, public authorities).

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Transnational Meetings

5 meetings will be organized (one kick off meeting, one final meeting and 3 progress meetings).

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Intellectual Outputs


Transnational Meetings


Multiplier Events




The project “REFLECT - A Strategical Approach Towards The Learning Process” (2020-RO01-KA205-079615) is being funded by the European Comission’s Erasmus+ Programme through Agenţia Naţională pentru Programe Comunitare în Domeniul Educaţiei şi Formării Profesionale (ANPCDEFP).

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