Intellectual Output 2



Dairy for Reflection

The diaries for reflection are educational materials designed and produced to be used by young people with poor formal education background to be aware of the learning process and to fully acquire the competence of learning to learn. The diary for reflection is an instrument (containing questionnaires and auto-reflective exercises) developed for young people to engage in self-reflection activities related to different educational experiences.

The diary for reflection will be printed in the format of a work notebook- with spaces to be filled in and notes to be taken. This learning material will create opportunities for young people to question themselves about their relation with the learning experience and better understand which learning approach best suits them. Moreover this type of tool is highly efficient in youth education- especially non-formal education (but highly effective in formal education as well, if educators are willing to embrace this type of approach), because it enables young people to become independent in the learning process- a competence that is transferable to the formal education system and also to professional training.

Each of the diaries will include a 3 pages questionnaire which will allow young people to reflect on the learning experience in different educational contexts: learning by doing, theoretical learning, group work, writing skills, public speaking skills, communication skills, digital skills, technical skills, entrepreneurial skills, creative work. At the end of the questionnaire we will include some auto-reflective exercises that can be used individually by young people but also under the guidance of an educator/youth worker. Moreover, the diaries will include the possibility of making comments and adding reflective notes. The diaries are individual instruments that mirror the capacity of young people to engage in an autoreflective learning process.