Intellectual Output 3



Reflection Toolkit for Reflection in the Learning Process

The reflection toolkit uses gamification methods. The Toolkit has to be pictured as an actual toolkit to be employed both by youth workers and teachers or professors (the toolkit being transferable from the field of non-formal education, to formal education or vocational training). This IO is a toolkit per se, including a boardcgame, a card game and a set of dixit cards. It is designed for youth workers (and also other educators) to use the instrument in activities, training courses or even in school courses in different types of educational contexts.

What does the tool kit contain?

  • Board Game - Is developed under the general metaphorical theme of JOURNEY- journey being the experience in which we follow an objective and we have to be aware of all stages and elements in order to reach the desired destination. Competition among young beneficiaries will be used in order to make them discover specific characteristics of reflective learning.
  • Card Game - 2 types of larger and smaller cards, printed on the front and back. Small cards depict specific activities that are related to one of the stages of the Gibbs reflective model: description, analysis, etc. Large cards include the specific stages of the Gibbs reflective model. Players have to match the big cards with the small cards.
  • Dixit cards - The cards can be used for role play activities, for competition (which of the players manages to identify the largest number of reflective learning activities). In this specific activity, the trainer/educator has a highly important role.