Project Objectives

The results acquired in the project can be divided in several categories: - Intellectual outputs/deliverables; - Educational results; - Building capacity results; - Impact and dissemination capacity.

Project Objectives

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Objective 1

Raising the awareness of 20 youth workers form the consortium and 100 other youth workers across the EU regarding the use of reflective learning in the training process.

Objective 2

Making the reflective learning competence operational through 4 IOs, together with the direct target groups – youth workers (100) and young people from poor educational
backgrounds (1000).

Objective 3

Designing and validating training tools (developed through 4 IOs) focusing on reflective learning which have a wide range of applicability.


 This project is very well connected with priorities listed in the guide and the national call for project. We cover through this project most of the national call priorities related to strategic partnerships: involving in the project local/regional authorities and socio-economic actors (the project is based on a wide partnership reinforcing the core consortium), creating transferable and sustainable projects (methods and tools developed in this project can be used in any European context by any non-formal/formal education provider but also by vocational training institutions and also social-economic actors).




The project “REFLECT - A Strategical Approach Towards The Learning Process” (2020-RO01-KA205-079615) is being funded by the European Comission’s Erasmus+ Programme through Agenţia Naţională pentru Programe Comunitare în Domeniul Educaţiei şi Formării Profesionale (ANPCDEFP).

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