Associació Cultura Creativa


Associació Cultura Creativa

Associació Cultura Creativa is a cultural non-profit organization created in 2016 by the first EVS volunteers in Gandia, Spain. The organization cooperates closely with the NGO Xeración Valencia and actively participates in the national network Xeración.

The objectives of Associació Cultura Creativa are:
● To promote and facilitate the geographic mobility of youth and youth workers
● To create, manage and expand social cooperation projects and volunteering both locally and internationally
● To enhance the values of tolerance, human dignity, social justice, interculturality, social integration and participatory democracy
● To promote the sustainable development and the healthy lifestyle
● To promote cultural and sport activities for the community
● To encourage the entrepreneurial culture and the development of innovative ideas and practices. In order to achieve these objectives, Associació Cultura Creativa develops and implements projects at
local and international level. We organize also workshops and different campaigns to raise the awareness of the local community.

Their organization has participated and developed:
* Erasmus + projects (youth exchanges and training courses).
* Campaigns and meetings to promote the Erasmus + programme.
* Activities to stimulate the development of entrepreneurial spirit and the exchange of innovative ideas (workshops dedicated to design thinking and project management).
* Activities to promote intercultural dialogue.

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